Ill and tired

It had to come. After five weeks in perfect health I have fallen ill. freezing one minute, sweating the next. The throat is sore... well, the whole body is sore, for that matter. I am tired and lazy.

Luckily skipper has given us a rest day tomorrow, after two days of trial sailing and rowing in the waters near Islay. All I have to do, is park myself on the seat in a bus and be transported around on beautiful Islay. Six hours with nothing to do but laze. Perfect!

The crew midships is on nightwatch for the next 24 hours. Someone wakes me up in the early morning at 05:40 a.m. I am on watch for about an hour and a half. Afterwards I fall a sleep under the tent canvas on the Sea Stallion. I is windy. A near gale is smashing the waves up against the reef some hundred meters away. What a lot of it makes.

There are many stories to tell. About one of Preben's sandals, that was lost but found again under the mast after days of looking. A sandal that by now has the status of a holy grale in the midship, and that has given name to a new religion. About Martin meeting an 82 year old man with only one eye, who every day eats soup and takes a drink on the café at the Ardberg destillery. About Mike and Frank who yesterday sent us a mesage from the sky in their Yakolev 52-plane, before they went on to new adventures. 

And much, much more. But I am too tired to write anything more today, so all the stories have to wait a while.

Created by Henrik Kastoft