Ireland in sight

The Sea Stallion is heading towards the south-west and the coast of Ireland. According to the latest report, we will be there by 3 a.m. tonight.

We left Isle of Man this morning at 09:00 a.m. Hundreds of early risers came down to Peel harbour to say goodbye.

It was a bit hard to say goodbye to Roy Baker and his hospitable island. Yesterday Roy showed us around the Island. We visited the parliament where the President of Tynwald and two ministers showed us where the political decisions of the small state are made. We also saw the highest point on the island, Snaefell. We travelled on the same road that the legendary TT Race is run every year.

Yesterday evening a bunch of local rugby players challenged the crew of Sea Stallion to a rowing match in two of the Viking ships in the harbour of Peel. Naturally we took up the challenge and a team of five men and five women were selected.

After a couple of hours the opposition turned up with 10 big rugby players. Most of them in their forties and with arms like logs of wood.

When the first boat flew across the finishing line, the crew of Sea Stallion were three lengths ahead of the challengers.

But in spite of their defeat, our hosts invited the Sea Stallion back to Isle of Man next summer, where there is a big Viking event at the beginning of July.

For my part, I am sure that I will visit the island again, whether it is with Sea Stallion or not. It would be difficult to find anywhere on earth with the same degree of kindness, hospitality, beautiful countryside and towns with wonderful narrow streets.

The sun is setting over the ocean. We are somewhere in the Irish Sea. Spirits are high... and the tone perhaps a bit naughty.. We are all singing in the whole ship:

"The king had a daughter... She had some large b.. aaangs..."

And so on...

Created by Henrik Kastoft