Here you can read the cook's diary on the Sea Stallion's voyage against Dublin.

The cook's diaries

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Since we left the Isle of Skye and set out on the second half of the expedition, we've spent the nights on "…

The cook's diary, Friday, July 27th, 2007

The expedition is now halfways. We have said goodbye to the crewmembers who "only" signed up for 3½ week and…

Provisions ready for crossing the North Sea

How much food do we bring? We brought 795 kilos (1653 lbs) of food supplies and 942,5 litres of water on the Sea…

Saturday, July 7th

Saturday, July 7th

Breakfast: Porridge, white bread, goat cheese, marmalade, sirup, raisins.

Lunch: 50 crew…

Friday, July 6th

Friday, July 6th

Breakfast: Porridge, freshly baked whole grain bread, fruitjuice, milk.

Lunch: Rye bread with…

Thursday, July 5th

Thursday, July 5th

Breakfast: Porridge, bread with cheese and marmalade

Lunch: Rye Bread with sliced cold meat…

Wednesday, July 4th

Wednesday, July 4th

Morning - 8 a.m.: porridge, bread, cheese, dairy products.

Lunch: Rye bread and sliced cold…

Food on Board the Ship

Menu on board:

Sunday, July 1st:

Supper: Organic sausages made of beef and potato salat. Night box: Coffee,…