Monday Juli 9th 2007

Experiments of rowing with different numbers of oars. With the positions of rowing in mind it has to be said, that the handling of a Viking ship demands a lot of physique and technical skills if you want to avoid pain in the entire body.

Did the Vikings also have working related damages and injuries as we see it today? Pains in arms, back and neck? Or did they have so much staying power and did they carry out so many different functions that their bodies were in balance?

For the present it's only a couple of crew members who have been complaining about pains in arms and back, in spite of the fact that we have exchanged the computer mouse with a heavy oar and the soft bed with a thin mat.

Today one of the crew menbers got a backache when she pulled in a mooring. She had been inactive for a while and a bit cold. Treatment: Pain-relieving rheumatica, tomorrow acupuncture.

Created by Susanne Malmstrøm