Sunday, July 15th

A few (about 6) have truble with stomach aches. A few have diarrhoea, vomiting and fever.

We tighten up the hygiene. Toilet cleaned with ammonia water and Baccilol which kills germs and viruses. 4 crewmembers have been given Ciproxin (antibiotic) 500 mg as a single dose with good effect.

One crewmember fell from the quay and down into the ship. Received a severe blow to the stomach. Was for a short time sweaty and unwell. Was observed for a couple of hours and quickly got well.

One crewmember have neck pains. Treated with acupuncture. Needles put in points GB 20 and GB 21. Temporarily indisposed due to treatment - but the neck pains disappeared.

Created by Susanne Malmstrøm