Thursday, August 9th, 2007

All the crew are well and looking forward to leaving for Ireland. The sun has warmed our bodies and we are all in high spirits.  

One member of the crew had to visit the local health centre. He had had earache for a while, so we decided to send him to the doctor to check if there were any signs of inflammation of the middle ear. This was not the case; the pain appeared to be related to a tooth, which will be taken care of when he gets home.

At the beginning of the week, another crew member had to go to the dentist with a gumboil. The patient is feeling well again; the pain has gone and the inflammation has passed.

One of the crew members has had problems with inflammation of a toe. It's getting better, but we will continue with the footbath and antibiotic ointment for a couple more days.  

The crew member who had a fall last week and incurred a few gashes on the face has also recovered without visible scars. The gashes have healed and there doesn't seem to be any development of scar tissue.

At the time of writing a crew member has dropped a pot of boiling water on his foot because of an unexpected wave. The person has had the foot in lukewarm water for two hours and is supposed to continue with this until the pain has gone. It is a 2nd degree burn on a small part of the foot. Subsequent treatment will consist of Flamazine, Jeloet and a bandage. The crew member is in good spirits.     

We have some minor cases of seasickness, and tablets have been handed out to take if required.

Created by Susanne Malmstrøm