Tuesday, July 10th, 2007.

We are still in the Båly Harbour, Spangereid, waiting for a good "North Sea Wind."

The day was spent maintaining the Sea Stallion and doing a rescue drill from our escort ship 'Cable One.'

When sailing, 25 people jumped into the water wearing their survival suits, after which the crew on 'Cable One' carried through their MOB-drill (Man Over Board).

Two rubber dinghies were put to sea and sailed round picking people up. The "rescued" were gathered in a big floating rescue net, hanging in the crane of 'Cable One.' From here the crew climbed on board the escort ship.

The weather forecast for the next days predicts a NW wind 6-8 m/sec. (a moderate breeze). Then turning to N or E for a single day and then SW - still relatively little wind.

These are not ideal conditions, but okay though... we consider putting out to sea on Thursday the 12th of July.

Let's see what the weather forecast has to say tomorrow.

Created by Carsten Hvid