Daily tours

We offer free, daily tours in English in the Viking Ship Hall. All tours are conducted by our skilled guides who are history or archeology students.

Their stories bring the original ships to life and put the discovery of the five Skuldelev ships in perspective in relation to the maritime culture of the Viking Age - and provide an insight into how the Vikings changed the world with their ships.

There are limited space on our tours, so if you come with a larger group, it is best if you book a private tour in advance.
The guides decide if there is room for groups on the day of the tour.

» Check the calendar and see what else happens on the day of your visit ...

Free tours at the Viking Ships museum

It is free to participate in the tours once you have purchased your ticket for the Viking Ship Museum.

From Saturday 25th June to 31th August:

11.00: Outdoor guided tours at the museum island - english
12:00: Viking Talk in danish
12:30: Family tours UK/DK
13.00: Guided tours in the Viking Ship Hall in danish
14:00: Family tours UK/DK
14:30: Viking Talk in english
15:00: Guided tours in english

The tours takes approximately 45 minutes and the Viking Talks 30 minues and both cannot be booked in advance.
Groups are advised to book a private tour.