Summer at the Viking Ship Museum from June 29th - August 25th

Come enjoy the summersun at the Viking Ship Museum, go for a walk on the habour and cool down with an icecream from Café Knarr.   
From the 1st May - 13th October children can make their own model boat and play viking games. 
The whole family can embark om a family tour involving children and adults or a tour of the five original Viking Ships.
You can meet various craftsmen and women, such as the rope maker, sail maker, blacksmith and wood carver. 

Experience how it was to be a Viking on board one of the Viking Ship Museum’s traditional Nordic boats, which are direct descendents of Viking ships.

Our wooden boat set sail several times a day, for an hour-long trip on the beautiful Roskilde Fjord.
Everyone takes part in the activities on board such a rowing, setting the sail and other such sailors work.

To take part, you must be over 4 years old and have an adult with you.
There are a limited number of places available to children under 14 years of age.

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On the ‘Jetty’ you can dress up as a Viking and imagine yourself back in the Viking Age. Learn to read the magical runes or play a Viking game. The Museum’s experienced guides open the ship’s chests and display swords, helmets, chain mail, axes and walrus teeth and explain all about Viking life and voyages. Go on board the two reconstructed ships: a trading ship filled with wares from the Vikings’ world and trading ports on distant shores, and a war ship, equipped for battle. 

A cinematic projection of a distant horizon brings the walls around the ships and sail to life and follows the hulls rhythm in the waves. Light from 30 LED lamps create a vault of changing colours above the room and beams of light meets in a floating night sky. Authentic recordings from Sea Stallion and Ottar's voyage is composed into a soundscape of creaking masts, the noise of the wind, the skipper's command and waves beating against the ship's sides.
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The boatbuilders are constructing a Viking ship using replica Viking tools. Follow their progress every day and see the large collection of tools in the workshop. The guests will have the opportunity to attend daily workshops where they can try their hand with maritime crafts and to hear a craftmanstalk, where the craftsman demonstrate and tealk about his craft; the seaman who splits ropes - the weaver, working with sail - the ropemaker working the lime bast - the blacksmith who works with the reconstruction of the Viking Age tool.

When: 10.00 - 17.00
Craftmanstalk: 11.30 in English
Workshop: 14.300
Where: In the craftsman's workshop, usually on Tuney. Ask at the ticket sales where today's craftsman has put up shop.

Note: How many guests can participate and how much time will be spent depends on how extensive the task is and how much assistance the guests needs. However, the workshop will last approximately 45 min. and a minimum of five guests can participate, after the first come first serve principle.

Everyone can take part in the Viking workshops, where children can make time fly whilst decorating a shield or a sword with paint made from beer or strike their own silver or copper coin to hang on a leather thong and wear around the neck as a good luck charm. You can also decorate a Thor’s hammer or make jewellery from colourful glass beads.

The workshops' opening hours: 

Shield or sword painting: 10.30 and 13.30
Duration: 45-60 minutes 

Strike a coin: 11.30 and 14.30
Duration: 30-35 minutes

Pearls and Thor's hammer: 12.30 and 15.30
Duration: 45-60 minutes

Do you like to saw, hammer and build imaginative and fun stuff? Become a boat builder for a day and build your own version of a Viking ship!

All the boat builders can launch and test their boats in the 'test tank' at the Museum Island, right next to the boat building workshop.

Build your own boat:

Daily 10.00 - 16.30

There will be Viking games at the disposal of all guest. You can either try your hand at strategic games such as 'Through the Thor's hammer' or give some of the strength based games a try.  

Throughout the summer the Viking Ship Museum focus on the many different maritime crafts and other special vikinge activities.

Depending on when you visit the museum, you can go for war training, learn boatbuilding, meet the black smith or help make wood tar with the museum's skilled craftsmen.

From the 1st of July - 25th of August, each week has its own focus.
You can meet the viking warrior, the smith, the ropemaker or the boatbuilder, and experience the "crafts world" at close range.

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At the Viking Ship Museum we strive to convey our knowlegde of The Viking Age to adults as well as children and so we offer four diffent kinds of guided tours.

Want to learn all about Viking ships?

Daily guided tours focus on the five original Viking ships from Skuldelev, exhibited in the Viking Ships Hall. The ships bear witness to the specialised sea faring of the Viking Age, to wars and raids, trade and voyages to distant shores and life in the North 1000 years ago. 
When: 12.00 and 15.00 in English and 14.00 in Danish

Embark on a special family tour 

Embark on special guided family tours focusing on Viking expeditions. We offer two guided tours in English, both based on different tales from the Viking world. One story is about war and raids and you will become part of the Viking army during the time of the Viking King Sweyn Forkbeard's conquest of England. As the king's warrior you must learn to handle the warship, fight together in the Viking army and help the Danish king capture the English throne.
On the trade expedition you will meet the Viking merchant Ohthere and join his seafaring merchants on a voyage from northern Norway to the trading town of Haithabu in southern Denmark. As part of the trade ship's crew, you must learn to sail the heavily loaded ship across rough seas in order to sell your goods for the highest price.
When: 12.00 and 14.00 in English 

Welcome to the boatyard

The boatbuilders invite you behind the scenes, where they’re in full swing with many projects.  The summer’s main task is a reconstruction of Skuldelev 3 – a small trading ship. The Museum’s guides will show you around and tell all about the materials, tools and techniques of the their craft.
When: 13.00


Take a seat around the craftsman's workshop and immerse yourself in the fascinating craftsmanship.
During the craftmanstalk, a skilled craftsman tells you about a piece of craftsmanship, and you get an insight into the craftsman's knowledge and a feel of the cultural heritage and complex knowledge that is the basis of the craft.
When: 11.30

Guided tours July 29 - August 25

Daily schedule

Guided tours in the Viking Ship Hall ENG

12.00 & 15.00

Guided tours in the Viking Ship Hall DK


Guided family tours DK

12.00 & 14.00

Guided family tours ENG

12.00 & 14.00

Tours of the boatyard ENG





Workshops July 29 - August 25

Daily schedule

Craftsperson of the day

kl. 10 - 17.00



Build your own boat

10 - 17.00

Shield/sword painting

10.30 & 13.30

Strike a coin

11.30 & 14.30

Pearls & Thor's hammer

12.30 & 15.30