Order the working drawings for the Gislinge boat

The Gislinge Boat Project is about open source boatbuilding. This is a new departure for us as a museum and means that we are providing free access to the Gislinge Boat working drawings, so that others can also have the opportunity to build their own version. The idea is to make the boatbuilding process as open, and accessible, to as many people as possible. In addition to making the drawings available, we also presented the entire build online, here on the museum website, but also on Facebook and Instagram, so that we could create a virtual 'Gislinge Boat Community' for those interested in following the build. 

During the winter of 2016, the Museum’s ship reconstructor, Vibeke Bischoff re-examined the documentation from the original Gislinge Boat. She discovered some details that led her to make changes to the model which had provided the basis for the two previous reconstructions, Estrid and Gisle. This revised version of the Gislinge Boat – Langóe – was built during the 2016 and launched in April 2017.  

The working drawings for both Gisle and Langóe are both available for download – two different interpretations of the same archaeological boat find.

Terms and conditions 

The working drawings for the Gislinge boat are shared under a Creative Common Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence (CC BY SA 4.0). 

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You can get a copy of the drawings by filling out the form below.

You will then be sent a link containing the files. 

By applying for the drawings, you agree to the conditions of the licence.
By applying for the drawings, you undertake to provide the Viking Ship Museum with photographs and details of your finished Gislinge Boat. When submitting the photos upon completion, you are also asked to detail any changes you made to the construction, why you made them and what effect, if any, this has had on the finished boat.

Order the working drawings for the Gislinge boat

Order the working drawings for the Gislinge boat

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