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Daily guided tours

At the Viking Ship Museum, we offer daily free tours, adapted to the season. During the summer season, it is primarily outdoors at the boatyard and at all the reconstructions in the museum harbor. In the winter we move into the Viking Ship Hall, where the 5 original wrecks from the excavation at Skuldelev are exhibited.

The guided tours are conducted by history and archaeology students. Their stories give life to the original ships and put the discovery of the five Skuldelev ships into perspective in relation to the maritime culture of the Viking Age.

'The five Viking ships'

The five impressive Viking ships are the focal point of the story of the ships' significance for the Viking society. It tells about war, expeditions, trade and travel - and life in the Nordic countries 1000 years ago.

'The five Viking ships' - from 1 November 2020:
Kl. 11.00 in English
Kl. 13.00 in Danish

Meeting place: The Ticket office in the Viking Ship Hall (» Find it on the map)
It is free to participate in the tours when you have a ticket for the Viking Ship Museum.

Max. number of guests per tour: Max. 9 people - first come, first served.
The number of participants per tour is adapted to the current Covid-19 guidelines.

The tours last approx. 45 minutes and can not be reserved in advance.
Groups are advised to book a private tour.

Hygiene measures associated with covid-19:
• Along the way, please spray your hands. If you do not have hand alcohol with you, the museum's guides will be helpful.
• You will not, as usual, be allowed to touch objects from the guides' teaching bags.
• You will be guided around the museum in accordance with the one-way street.
• Along the way, your group will make stops. If many other guests are in these places, the guide will ask these guests to move away until you are ready to move on.