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Viking Navigation

[ 100252 ]

Viking Navigation This book deals with the old question: how was the Norse navigator able to shape his course across the north Atlantic long before the invention…

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Ohthere’s Voyages

[ 099014 ]

Ohthere´s Voyages Serie: Maritime Culture of the North ∙ 1 Beskrivelse: At some time in the late 9th century, a Norwegian seafarer by the name of Ohthere told the…

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Wulfstan´s Voyage

[ 700064 ]

Wulfstan´s Voyage Serie: Martime Culture of the North ∙ 2 Beskrivelse: “Wolfstan said that he travelled from the Heaths, that he was in Truso in seven days and…

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Archaeology and the Sea

[ 700258 ]

Archaeology and the Sea in Scandinavia and Britain Serie: Martime Culture of the North ∙ Vol. 3 Beskrivelse: Half a century ago, archaeology entered a new field of…

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Skinboats of Greenland

[ 100301 ]

Skinboats of Greenland Serie: Ships and boats of the North ∙ Vol. 1 Beskrivelse: Only some decades back, skin boats were the most important means of transportation…

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Viking-Age ships and Shipbuilding

[ 100302 ]

Viking-Age Ships and Shipbuilding Serie: Ships and boats of the north ∙Volume 2 Beskrivelse. Trade and warfare were trade-marks of Viking Age Hedeby, located not…

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Råsejlet – Dragens Vinge

[ 100021 ]

Denne bog om det klinkbyggede nordiske skibs rig og manøvredygtighed er resultatet af forfatternes intense studier og ikke mindst praktiske sejladser gennem 25 år…

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Med vikingen som lots

[ 100508 ]

Med vikingen som lots längs den danska kusten. Med "Med vikingen som lots" kan fritidssejleren og andre som færdes langs de danske kyster, opleve nogle af de spor…

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[ 100303 ]

Ladby A Danish Ship-Grave from the Viking Age. Serie: Ship and boats of the North . Vol. 3 Beskrivelse: In the beginning of the 10th century a 21.5 m long war ship…

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The Skuldelev Ships 1

[ 100304 ]

Volume 4.1 in the series "Ships and Boats off the North. Topography, Archaeology, History, Conservation and Display. A new era of intense studies onto the…

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Hjortspring, a Pre-Roman Iron-Age Warship in Context

[ 100305 ]

Hjortspring A Pre-Roman Iron-Age Warship in Context Serie: Ship and boats of the North . Vol. 4.1 Beskrivelse: This volume on the Hjortspring boat and its contexts…

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The Renaissance Shipwrecks from Christianshavn

[ 100306 ]

The Renaissance Shipwrecks from Christianshavn. An Archaeological and architectural study of large carvel vessels in Danish waters, 1580 – 1640. Serie: Ship and…

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Boats of the Viking Ship Museum

[ 100240 ]

Boats of the Viking Ship Museum 1000 years of Scandinavian vessels   The museum collection is based on the five Viking ships that were excavated at Skuldelev in…

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Vikingeskibsmuseets både

[ 100169 ]

Vikingeskibsmuseets både Den skandinaviske båd i 1000 år. Museets bådsamling tager udgangspunkt i de fem vikingeskibe der blev udgravet ved Skuldelev i Roskilde…

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Aspects of Maritime Scandinavia AD 200 - 1200

[ 100204 ]

Aspects of Maritime Scandinavia AD 200 - 1200 Proceedings of the Nordic Seminar on Maritime Aspects of Archaeology, Roskilde, 13th – 15th March, 1984. Engelsk…

169,00 DKK

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