Cnut the Great's raid - King for a day

Durring the Autumn Holiday, 13- 21. October, we focus on Cnut the Great - the greatest Viking king- and invites you to join us for 'King for a day'.

Every day, we offer the chance to live out your dream of being a Viking. Take part in warrior training as a man-at-arms and challenge the adults to tests of strength, historic workshop and naval battles on the Sea Stallion. The Viking Ship Museum offers a week filled with exciting autumn activities!

Warrior training

Get ready for battle and help Knud the Great to conquer England! Take part in warrior training with our experienced and brave Viking warrior - who will also share some surprising news about Vikings' equipment. Afterwards, you can try out the Vikings' combat technique and challenge the adults to a test of strenght.

The warriors must be ready to defend the country against enemies, take part in a raid or fight in the service of the King.

The bowmaker will also join us. He produces strong bows and demonstrates their strength.

VIDEO CLIP: Watch a video clip from last years warrior training - are you ready to challenge our skilled Viking warrior?  

Can you survive in the Viking Age?

Cnut the Great needs brave boys and girls aboard his ships. Durring the Autumn Holiday you can challenge yourself and test wether or not you would be able to make it as a Viking. If you get through the five challenges you get a "Viking for a day" diploma for a well-performed deed - a proof that you could probably have survived in the Viking age.

Climb Aboard - a new exhibition in the Viking Ship Hall

The exhibition takes you to the open sea where the weather changes from calm breeze to storms, thunder and high seas while the day changes from clear and bright morning to the darkest night.

King for a day - Autumn Holiday at the Viking Ship Museum

13th – 21st October 2018
The Museum is open daily from 10:00 – 17:00

Activities: Daily 10.30 - 16.30. Some activities have an extra charge.

Guided tour in English:
 Daily 15:00

 Adults 130 kr. Free admission for those under 18 years of age.

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