Last updated 1st of February, 2022

It must be safe to visit the Viking Ship Museum

You must feel safe and secure when visiting the Viking Ship Museum. Therefore, the museum and the museum staff are prepared to receive the guests in a way that prevents the spread of infection. All areas and activities are adjusted on an ongoing basis in accordance with current guidelines for Covid.

We follow recommendations from the authorities and make sure that hand sanitizer is available at the entrance and exit to the museum, and encourage you to spray your hands off as often as possible.

Keep distance

We encourage all guests to continue to keep a good distance from other guests, and have introduced a limit of maximum 15 people on the daily free tours.

We have plenty of space both indoors and outdoors, and therefore we have not introduced timeslots / space booking.

Guidelines from the authorities

» Read more about the current rules and advice from the Danish authorities here.

The museum has made a number of additional initiatives so that your visit to the Viking Ship Museum will be safe and good.

We follow the Ministry of Culture's guidelines and the health authorities' recommendations on distance, hygiene and assemblies. This applies to audience areas as well as employee areas.

We have introduced distance markings at the entrance to Vikingeskibshallen and in the café. Alignment has also been introduced around the Viking Ship Hall, which ensures that guests can keep a good distance.

There is plenty of space in the museum, however, there may be restrictions in some exhibitions.

We have increased the cleaning of contact surfaces throughout the museum.

Hand sanitizer dispensers have been set up throughout the museum area, at the entrances to buildings, at the outdoor experience areas, at payment stations and in toilets, so that everyone can easily wash and / or spray their hands.

Cleaning of the museum's toilets has been increased, and all toilets have a cleaning log that shows when the toilet was last cleaned.

Café Knarr offers delicious new Nordic Viking food, and has both indoor and outdoor serving.

At all the payment stations in the ticket sales, the shop and Café Knarr, there is a screen with plexiglass and we encourage all guests to pay by credit card or Mobile Pay.