Welcome back to the Viking Ship Museum

It is with great pleasure that we can welcome you back to the Viking Ship Museum
Visiting the Viking Ship Museum for all guests must be safe and secure.
That is why we have prepared the museum and museum staff to welcome guests in a way that prevents the spread of infection - and we have reviewed and reorganized our activities according to new guidelines.

Plenty of room in the large Viking Ship Hall

The five original Viking ships can now be experienced again in the large Viking ship's hall. The exhibition is unidirectional, to ensure a good audience flow with a good distance between all guests.

The exhibition 'In the wake of the Vikings' in the lower floor is also open.

Outdoor exhibitions and experiences

In addition to the Viking Ship Hall, the Viking Ship Museum has large outdoor areas and we will be designing new exhibition and experience areas prior to the school summer holidays so that there is still plenty to experience indoors and not least outdoors.
At the shipyard, the boatbuilders build a Viking ship and you can meet the craftsman who tells and shows how we recreate the Viking ships.

We have also arranged a special experience area and you can immerse yourself in the outdoor exhibitions on ships and crafts.

The guidedtours of the Vikings' ships will be conducted outdoors.
Check the calendar for times.

Embark on the World's longest Viking ship reconstruction

The museum's large boat collection is located in the museum harbor and there are signs telling you about each ship so you can explore the many Nordic boat types yourself.
You are welcomed aboard the 30-meter-long Viking ship 'Sea Stallion from Glendalough', which lies by a unidirectional bridge in the inner harbor.

Café lunch and barbecue evenings

You can enjoy a delicious lunch in Café Knarr on the Museum Island, both inside and outside, and we have created a special to-go menu, if you prefer to bring your food on a picnic.
Friday, Saturday ad Sunday nights we light up the grill and offer a delicious barbecue menu.

Sailing trips

In order to take good care of our guests, we provide good space in the boats. There will be a 2 meters distance between the participants and therefore there will only be space for 9 people in each boat. If you visit the museum in a group, and if you are so close acquaintanceses or family that you do not normally keep distance betweenyou, you can be up to 15 people in a boat.
Oars, rails, seats, life jackets, etc. are washed off between each sailing, and a distance of 2 meters is kept between everyone on board during the entire sailing trip. Unfortunately this means that our employees cannot offer physical assistance with boarding, rowing, etc., and we do not have the opportunity to set sail. Unfortunately, we cannot offer special conditions for people with disabilities: You have to be able to row yourself, and because of the distance requirement, our staff is unable to help guests board the boat.

We hope for your understanding and that you will help us by showing consideration and taking care of each other.

We look forward to seeing you at the Viking Ship Museum

Access restrictions in exhibit and activity areas

To minimize the spread of covid-19, we need to keep a safe distance to each other.
We have set up signs with the maximum number of visitors at the entrance to all exhibition and activity areas.
Below you can see the corona restrictions of the most visited areas:

300 people in the Viking Ship Hall at a time.

36 people in the cinema at a time.

20 people in our lounge at a time.

40 people in our Museum shop at a time.

25 people in our special exhibition ‘ In the Wake of the Vikings’ at a time.

42 people in our indoor café-area at a time.

12 people in the Viking Ship ‘The Sea Stallion from Glendalough’