New Viking Ship Museum on the Way

The Viking Ship Museum's five unique and original Viking ships are getting a new home, safe from the forces of the Fjord and the destructive effect of sunlight.

The current Viking Ship Hall will be transformed. The facade facing Roskilde city and the new landscape will be opened, so the Hall can become an inviting focal point and a place for guests and citizens to enjoy the atmosphere.

The landscape around the Viking Ship Museum will be transformed into a large salt meadow, more akin to the natural coastal environment that historically has framed human life by the fjords of Roskilde.

The plans and visions for the New Viking Ship Museum have been designed by Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects A/S, in collaboration with Marianne Levinsen Landscape and Christoffer Harlang Architects. The rest of the consulting team consists of Aaen Engineering, Niras Engineering, and JAC Studios.

The Viking Ship Museum will remain open until the new museum is ready in 2030.

New Exhibition Building for the Viking Ships

The new building, will be located at the highest point on the museum grounds, helping ti ensure that the 1000-year-old ships can be secured against water levels up to 3.8 meters above the normal sea level. 

The building will be constructed in wood, a material that connects to the past with the houses and ships of the Viking era. It also connects to the present-day buildings on the Museum Island and life at the harbor. At the same time, the building will have visible supporting wooden structures in a rhythmic pace, harmonizing with the current Viking Ship Hall.

Indoors, visitors will encounter the grand and captivating story of how the Vikings changed the world with their ships. The ships will be displayed as a united fleet in a large exhibition room set back towards the city. The new building will welcome guests to the museum. Facing the new museum's harbor, where the Skuldelev ships come to life through the sailing reconstructions built on Museum Island and sailing on the fjord during the summer months, the new building offers visitors a cohesive and complete museum experience.

Timeline for the Construction of the New Viking Ship Museum

2023: Architectural competition
2024-2025: Local planning and design
2026-2028: Construction of the new building for the ships and arrival hall
2028: Viking ships moved to the new building
2029-2030: Transformation of the Viking Ship Hall and landscape design

Transformation of the Viking Ship Hall

The unique Viking Ship Hall by architect Erik Christian Sørensen will be modified with respect for the great architectural qualities of the building. The transformation preserves 90 percent of the concrete and 80 percent of the bricks.

The entire facade of the Viking Ship Hall facing the city of Roskilde will be transformed with a new large staircase formation running the length of the building, serving as a clear invitation to passersby.

In the new building, there will be a large public café with views over the fjord and space for cultural events. Additionally, the Viking Ship Hall will ensure space for changing exhibitions that can keep the Viking Ship Museum relevant all year round.

The western side of the hall will be opened up with a large public fjord square.

Thus, while the hall relinquishes its ships, it gains a new function, inviting the public even closer to the maritime life by the fjord and the sea, which has been the lifeline of humans for thousands of years.

Winners of the Architectural Competition

The winning team consists of:
Lead Architect: Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects A/S Sub-consultant
Landscape: Marianne Levinsen Landscape ApS
Transformation: Christoffer Harlang Architects ApS
Sustainability: Aaen Engineering ApS
Engineering: Niras A/S
Communication and Exhibition Design: JAC Studios ApS

Most of the financing for the New Viking Ship Museum has been secured from the Villum Foundation, Augustinus Foundation, Aage and Johanne Louis-Hansen's Foundation, as well as Roskilde Municipality and the state. The Viking Ship Museum is in positive dialogue with additional foundations for the last part of the funding for the overall project.


If you have questions or comments about the project, we would like to hear from you. Send an email to the Viking Ship Museum, and we will make sure you get a prompt response.