Welcome at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde

The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde is the home of five world famous Viking ships and it is the Danish museum for ships, seafaring and boatbuilding culture in ancient and medieval times.

The museum is known for the unique synergi between the exhibition of the original Viking ships and the museum's interactive environment, where you can experience reconstructed Viking ships, excellent boatbuilding and specialized, martime crafts.

Here, tales of our maritime past meet in a living and modern museum, where museum visitors are involved in history through active participation and dialogue.

The museum is beautifully located at Roskilde Fjord and consists of the Viking Ship Hall, the Museum Island with its boatyard and workshops, and museum harbor.

The Viking Ship Museum attracts guests from all over the world and is an important gathering place and recreation area, with a wide range of activities and events for both children and adults. This makes a visit to the Viking Ship Museum something special all year round.

News from the Viking Ship Museum

Let the countdown begin – the Viking Ship Museum and Café Knarr re-open April 21st

Published 20th Apr 2021

We’ve prepared an exciting season with new activities under Corona-safe conditions.

Skuldelev 3 Revisited - a new Viking ship is being built at the Viking Ship Museum's boatyard. Construction will be completed in September / October 2021.

Iron in the Viking ships - rivets and roves

Published 29th Sep 2020

The Vikings used iron rivets and roves when they build their ships. But in the construction of the Skuldelev 3…

Marine archaeologists from the Viking Ship Museum are currently conducting diving surveys of the wreck of a large warship from the 17th century. The ship is perhaps the last of the three sunken warships from the Battle of the Fehmarnbelt in 1644, the Danish warship DELMENHORST.

Marine archaeologists from the Viking Ship Museum in Denmark find warship from the 17th century

Published 18th Sep 2020

The ship is most likely the Danish warship 'Delmenhorst', the last of the three sunken warships from the 'Battle of…

Read more about the discovery of a Danish warship that has been missing for almost 400 years.

Published 18th Sep 2020

Marine archaeologists from the Viking Ship Museum examine the last of the sunken warships from the Battle of the…

The Gislinge-boat sent for filming in Ireland

Published 26th Aug 2020

One of the Viking Ship Museum's reconstructions - the Gislinge-boat Langø, was sent to Ireland on Monday. There it…

[Translate to english:] Byt entrébilletten til et sæsonpas – Ved køb af billet indtil den 31. august 2020, får du et sæsonpas på hånden og fri entré til Vikingeskibsmuseet på alle åbningsdage i resten af 2020.

Season Pass for the Viking Ship Museum

Published 10th Aug 2020

Buy your ticket before 31 August 2020 and get unlimited access to the Viking Ship Museum for the rest of the year.

Not so long ago, an empty museum was something that existed in quiet mornings, before opening, or in the late afternoon when the last guest said 'thank you for today'. The fact that the Viking Ship Museum had visitors 365 days a year was almost a natural law. Now empty museum rooms have been a tangible part of our everyday lives for almost three months, and the museum can hardly wait to open its doors to the guests again on June 8. Photo: Werner Karrasch

The Viking Ship Museum reopens to the public on June 8th

Published 27th May 2020

After almost three months without guests, the Viking Ship Museum can hardly wait to open its doors to the public on…