Welcome to The Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum exhibits the five 1000-year-old original ship finds from the Viking Age as well as a fleet of sailing reconstructions and you can sail in several of them. You can also meet the craftsmen who keep up the old maritime trades, and you can try your hand with ax, ropes and many other activities. Welcome.

The five original Viking Ships

The permanent exhibitions are build around the five Skuldelev ships, and tells the history of the ships as well as the history of the Nordic maritime adventure during the Viking Age. The five original Viking ships stand majestically with Roskilde Fjord as a living backdrop. One can imagine how the merchant set off for distant shores with his goods, the warrior waved goodbye to the family before the voyage and the fisherman embarked on the fjord with the hope of returning with a good catch.

Start you visit by watching the introduction film ”Five Viking Ships from Skuldelev”. The film lasts 14 minutes and is available in multiple languages.

An active day for the family 

The Viking Ship Museum offers great experiences for both children and adults. During the summer season and school holidays, the activity level at the museum is increased. You can unleash your creativity in the Vikings' workshops, meet the craftsmen and board the traditional Nordic boats. We also invite you to join us on guided family tours. When visiting the Viking Ship Museum outside the summer season and school holidays, the children can board two large model ships in the exhibition 'Climb aboard'. Here they can immerse themselves in life at sea, dress like the Vikings, write with runes and explore the merchant's cargo.

The recreated ships and the boat collection 


The Viking Ship Museum's boatyard has recreated all five Viking ships so you can get an impression of what the original ships looked like 1000 years ago. The recreated ships - the reconstructions of the Viking ships - can be experienced in the museum harbor throughout the sailing season and on land in winter.

The large collection of traditional Nordic wooden boats and reconstructed Viking ships gives an idea of what the original ships looked like a 1000 years ago. In the collection, the Viking Age's boat building traditions can be traced - from the reconstructed Viking ship to the fishing dinghy from Frederikssund built a 1000 years later.

Along the harbor there are signs telling you about each ship, so you can explore the many Nordic boat types on your own. 

Maritime crafts

In the Boatyard the boat builders buil Viking ships and other nordic boats using the tools and techinques of the Viking Age. Step into an active boatyard and follow the boat-builders at close quarters. Next to the boatyard you will find an activity area where you can immerse yourself ind outdoor exhibitions about ships and crafts. 

On "Tunet" - the meeting place of the Vikings - you can meet the craftsmen in their open workshops and participate actively yourself.

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Groups are welcome 

The Viking Ship Museum is happy to arrange the perfect excursion for companies and groups who want to have an exciting day in a historical setting. Contact our booking, who can help arrange a great day with colleagues, teammates, kids, friends or other groups.