About www.vikingeskibsmuseet.dk

Vikingeskibsmuseet.dk is the website for the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde; Denmark’s museum for ships, sailing and boatbuilding.

On the website you can read about the museum’s exhibitions, research, outreach activities, boat building and many other things.

Part of the website is a closed area, used as a forum for the volunteer boat guilds and the front-line staff at the museum.

The website is owned by the Viking Ship Museum. Accordingly, the museum is responsible for its content and maintenance.

All material on vikingeskibsmuseet.dk is under copyright. If you quote from a text on the website, vikingeskibsmuseet.dk must be credited as the source. Unless otherwise stated, use of photographs from the website requires the consent of the Viking Ship Museum’s picture library. The majority of the images on the website belong to the Viking Ship Museum’s photo archive and are taken by the Viking Ship Museum’s photographer, Werner Karrasch.

Other photos and illustrations under copyright: Rafael Peier, Martin Kristensen, Erwan Crouan, photocase.com, stock.xchng