Prospectus for a new Viking Ship Museum

The five Viking ships are part of the world’s cultural heritage, and the Viking Ship Museum is internationally renowned for the interplay between the original ships and the vibrant environment, where you can experience outstanding boatbuilding craftwork,and participate in activities and sailing on the fjord.

The Viking ships are under threat from rising water levels and storm surges. The Viking Ship Hall cannot provide the necessary protection and the building has an estimated lifespan of 5 – 7 years.

The Minister of Culture has delisted the Viking Ship Hall. This has created a new starting point for safeguarding the ships and constructing a new Viking Ship Museum.

The new Museum will retain the unique values of the place and allow for an expansion and renewal of the Museum’s narratives and dissemination activities. The starting point must be maritime and the vision, a global one. History must be relevant for all of the Museum’s guests, including the many who come from abroad.

A cohesive universe and dissemination concept will be developed, built on the three basic narratives of Vikings, ships and the Museum’s work with underwater cultural heritage. We will construct new buildings and form a landscape that binds the Museum complex together. We will create more space for the volunteers and the rich public life that connects the Museum with the town and harbour.

An entirely preliminary estimate indicates a total construction cost of 550 million kroner, excluding VAT. The first part of the financing is in place: the state has earmarked 150 million kroner in the Finance Act, and Roskilde Municipality has given an advance commitment of 25 million kroner. An additional 10 million kroner for the initial investigations has been allocated in the Finance Act, and we have, together with Roskilde Municipality, established a plan, which will lay the foundation for an international architecture competition.

With this prospectus, we want to present our vision in the hope that it will inspire
dialogue and cooperation in the development of a new Viking ship museum.

Read: "Prospectus for a new Viking Ship Museum".

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