A museum for children 

The Viking ship Museum is for children of all ages.

See the 1,000 year old original Viking ships in the Viking Ship Hall and find their exact reconstruction in the Museum Harbour.

Many outdoor activities are seasonal and take place in the high-season and in Danish school holidays. Consult the calendar and the news room to see what activities and exhibitions are open and to plan your visit. 

In the high-season you and your family can join us on a guided family tour led by one of our skilled guids or you can visit visit the Vikings workshops for children.

[Translate to english:] Kom med på en unik tur på Roskilde Fjord

Evening boat trips 2020

Published 27th Mar 2020

Genuine sailing experience in a traditional, Nordic boat with oars, sail - and with the scent of wood tar in the…

New course: 'Fish and eat'

Published 02th Dec 2019

The Viking Ship Museum offers a new course in Viking Age fishing, where you will have the opportunity to try out…

Full day course: Learn to sail a Viking ship

Published 02th Dec 2019

The full-day course takes you out on Roskilde Fjord in a Viking ship and gives you an insight into the very special…


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13.00: Guided tour of the boatyard

Date: to From to
Build your own boat

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13.00: Guided tour in English

Date: to (all day)
Boatbuilding in the Viking Age - visit the boatyard

Date: (all day)
Watch the movie about the five Viking ships from Skuldelev

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