The Viking Ship Museum’s boatyard

The boatyard is located on the Museum Island and work is carried out so that the public can follow the process at close quarters.

The boatyard builds clinker-built boats and its purpose is to preserve the maritime crafts associated with these boats.

The boatyard specialises in full-scale reconstructions of prehistoric boats using the methods of the time. However, we also build new boats based on old traditions and restore and repair old boats. We accept building commissions from private clients and from other museums.

News from the Viking Ship Museums Boatyard

Cleaving oak for Skuldelev 5: Tuesday 11/7 from 10:00

The boatbuilders are cleaving oak for Skuldelev 5: Tuesday 11/7 from 10:00

Launch of a new Viking ship May 7th 2022

Come and join us for the launch of a new Viking ship

Come and join us for a day of celebration at the Viking Ship Museum boatyard on Saturday May 7th.

From 2007 – 2008, Sea Stallion undertook a trial voyage from Roskilde to Dublin and back again. 2,482 sea miles were sailed along Viking Age sailing routes with the aim of testing the reconstruction.

Sea Stallion begins to show its age

15 years doesn’t sound like much of an age but for a Viking ship, which has sailed thousands of sea miles, it’s…

Cleaving day at the boatyard

The massive 12 meter long oak log has been cleaved into to halves, but the work doesn't stop there.The boatbuilders…

200 year-old-oak to be cleaved at the Viking Ship Museum.

The massive 8 meter long oak log, with a weight of around 8 tons, will be cleaved with mallets, wedges and raw…

Delivery of massive oak logs to the Viking Ship Museum’s boatyard

Two 200-year-old oak logs – one of which weighs over 6 tons – will arrive at the Viking Ship Museum’s boatyard on…

A Viking ship built from 200 year old fleet oak

The construction of a Viking ship requires the best materials - not least the first class oak timber.