Photography at the Viking Ship Museum

Guests are very welcome to take photographs in the Museum unless otherwise indicated. Hand-held cameras fitted with a normal flash may be used.
All photographs of the Viking ship Museum’s ships, whatever the shooting place/location, are subject to the same conditions as photography at the Viking Ship Museum.

Photography/filming for private use are permitted when:

  •     The pictures / film clips are not used commercially.
  •     The pictures / film clips are published on the internet in low resolution.
  •     An ordinary camera (without stand) is used with an ordinary flash.
  •     The photography is performed without harming the exhibited artefacts.
  •     The recordings are made without disturbing the other visitors at the museum.
  •     The attendants' instructions are followed.

Commercial or professional photograph/filming

Commercial or professional photography must be arranged in advance through the Broadcast Unit, who will determine a price for the recordings.
The Broadcast Unit deals with all professional and commercial requests to photograph exhibits, locations, ships within the Museum.

Contact the Film and Broadcast Unit:
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