Filming at the Viking Ship Museum

Whether you are looking to make films, documentaries, radio programmes about research, history pr travel the Viking Ship Museum has the resources to help. 

You will be guided through every stage of the process. From site visit, administration and pre-planning through to managing your filming day, the Museum has dedicated staff on hand to help you. 

Commercial or professional photography must be arranged in advance through the Broadcast Unit, who will determine a price for the recordings. The Broadcast Unit deals with all professional and commercial requests to photograph exhibits, locations, ships within the Museum. 

Fee for the use of material recorded at the Viking Ship Museum or recordings of the Viking Ship Museum's ships starts at 1900.00 DKK + VAT and will be regulated according to the scope of the task and the use of the recordings.

Stock photos and footage

If you are looking for footage of our original Viking Ships, reconstructed, sailing Viking ships or our crafts men and women in our workshops and don't have time to film, we have a growing archive of high quality video footage which we license to programme makers.