The crew weigh anchor in Osted

The crew sailing to Dublin this summer have been chosen and in January the ninety men and women are meeting. They are the team that are going to relive the past and are heading out on an adventure, which is the first of its kind for a thousand years. They are sailing the biggest reconstruction of a víking ship 1.7000 kilometres from Roskilde to Dublin. 

When the Sea Stallion in august 2007 are reaching the docks of Dublin, ninety crew members from eleven nations world wide – including the as far away as the United States, Canada and Australia – will have used all they have got to make it possible.

But before a historical journey like that a lot of preparation are needed. So starting with the meeting in Osted close to Roskilde, were crew members and project leaders from the Viking Ship Museum are spending an weekend, the next couple of month will be busy with organizing the trip.

Shifting to fifth gear.

”Now is the time for everybody – crew members and museum – to give everything they’ve got, so we can get ready for this summer. At the Viking Ship Museum people are working day and night to close deals both a broad and at home. And for the crew members it’s hard work as well, they are all training to get fit, so they can handle the hard physical challenges on board the Sea Stallion” says project leader and crew member Preben Rather Sørensen.

” This journey – sailing to Dublin – is at dream come true for many people. But the day of sailing is just around the corner and a lot of practical things need to be done. You can always sit by the fireplace dreaming about the open see but now it’s time to act, checking insurance policies, handing in measurement for life supporters and finding temps for your work place, says Preben rather Sørensen.

Working for years

Preben is just now putting together the final pieces for the weekend meeting in Osted.

“The goal is informing the crew. What new in the project and, which deals have been closed the last few months and then connect that to what is happening in Dublin. Topics like safety on board, the technical part of sailing, PR, cooking and sleeping on board and equipment are just some of the things that will be discussed. But we are also going to hear about the historical, archaeological and scientific perspectives the ship is a part of.”

And since is the first time in several month, I sense that the crew is looking forward to be seeing each other again” And this time we are really focusing on the upcoming sail to Dublin. People have been working together for years making themselves and the ship ready for this – and now the adventure are waiting around the corner.”

By Henrik Kastoft