The staff at the Viking Ship Museum

The following pages contain a presentation of the staff at the Viking Ship Museum. It is a large and diverse group of people who work together to ensure the proper functioning of the museum.  Their tasks include everything from cleaning and marine archaeology studies, to booking services, ship-building, presentation and research.

Not all members of the staff can be contacted directly, but you are always welcome to contact one of the departments at the museum. You will find their contact details on the right-hand side of the page.

Tinna Damgård-Sørensen

Museum Director
T: +45 46 300 284
E: tds(at)


Jesper Stub Johnsen

Head of Research and Collections
M: +45 51 20 05 34
E: jsj(at)

Kristoffer Birkebæk Kejser

Head of Project, New Viking Ship Museum
M: +45 51 20 54 44
E: kbk(at)


Preben Sørensen

Head of Finance and Administration
T: +45 46 300 272
E: prs(at)