Time capsule 1 May 2009

- in remembrance of the friendship agreement between Dublin and Roskilde established though the trial of the Sea Stallion

A friendship agreement was entered into between Roskilde and Dublin in the wake of the Sea Stallion’s visit to Dublin 2007 – 2008. The idea of a time capsule to commemorate the agreement and the Sea Stallion’s journey arose later at the Danish embassy in Dublin. To the sound of the church bells of Christ Church Cathedral, the time capsule was brought on board the Sea Stallion and sailed home to Roskilde. It will remain here for 250 years in the shadow of Roskilde Cathedral.


The objects in the time capsule provide a here-and-now image of the 21st century. The contents are our suggestion of a description of Danish-Irish cultural history. The web exhibition gives you the opportunity to comment on the objects selected and to reflect on what you think the future should know about Denmark and Ireland in 2009.

  • Thank you for your donations and contributions.
  • Thank you to the Irish Times for the capsule.
  • Thanks to Roskilde Municipality for depositing the capsule.

The objects in the time capsule have been packed and preserved by John Gillis, Trinity College Dublin, Anette Hjelm Petersen, the National Museum of Denmark and Jimmy Larsen, Sea Safety A/S.

The content and web exhibition have been produced by Eamonn Mac an Bheatha, Department of Sport, Arts and Tourism, Sofie E. Jensen and Louise K. Henriksen, the Viking Ship Museum. Photos, Werner Karrasch. Web development, Preben Rather Sørensen