The Maritime Archaeologists' DocuLab

Published 02th Apr 2024

What does a find from the depths of the ocean look like? And how does it feel? Find out by joining the workshop in the Maritime Archaeologists' DocuLab. Takes place on weekends and school holidays.

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Come behind the scenes in the Maritime Archaeologists' DocuLab.

Here you can explore the archaeological methods while the museum's educators tell you about the exciting finds from the past, hidden at the bottom of the sea.

You will have the come close to some of the exciting things that archaeologists have found in connection with the excavations for the new Lynetteholm peninsula in Copenhagen Harbour. 
The finds will spark your imagination and ideas about people and their lives in the past; what can we find out about boat building, seafaring and sailors in the old days?

Workshop in the Maritime Archaeologists' DocuLab
Where: The Maritime Archaeologists' DocuLab next to Café Knarr at the Museum Island
When: The Maritime Archaeologists' DocuLab is open daily from 10.00 - 15.30.