Activities for the whole family

At the Viking Ship Museum, you are not just a viewer, you can actually participate in exciting activities where you have to use both your hands and your head. You can also be brought back to the dramatic events of the Viking Age, both digitally with the Audio Guide and in person, when you participate in one of the summer's many guided tours. The tours are designed to excite the whole family.

In order for you to be able to easily find your way around the museum's large area, we have created 3 special zones where we have gathered experiences and activities.

On the Museum Island lies the boatyard, where we are building a new Viking ship. Next to the Museum harbor you will find ‘Strandengen’ – the Beach Meadow - with access to the reconstructed Viking ships and in the Viking Ship Hall you can experience the world-famous Viking ships and hear stories from the time when the Vikings sailed the seas.

Welcome to historically good experiences!

The boatyard is the heart of Museum island

Visit the Boatyard at the middle of the Museum Island where the boat builders reconstruct Viking ships and other traditional wooden boats. The smell of fresh wood tar fills the air and the sound of the boat builder's ax against the oak tree echoes rhythmically across the yard.

The boat builders use the same materials and techniques that the Vikings used 1000 years ago and build with copies of the tools excavated from the Viking Age.

You can follow the work closely, as the boat builders show the special techniques tell you about the work of building Viking ships by hand.

Build your own boat

Right next to the boatyard, you can test your skills as a boat builder. In the ‘Build Boat’ workshop you can build smaller versions of the traditional wooden ships. Our facilitators help the children with tips and tricks, and by devising and testing whether their ships are seaworthy, they gain new knowledge and learn more about our way of working.

Sailing on the fjord

In the Museum harbor our large collection of Nordic wooden boats are docked, and they are not only to be admired from a distance. Throughout the summer holidays, you can sail out on the fjord like real Vikings, where everyone helps at the oars.

The ships that take you out on the beautiful Roskilde Fjord are descendants of the Viking ships, and have their origin in western Norway or the Faroe Islands. Anyone above the age of 4 can participate. To go sailing an additional ticket to the entrance fee is required.

Visit the warrior camp on ‘Strandengen’ – the beach meadow

‘Strandengen’ is an active place for the whole family, where you can challenge each other in Viking games or fight with sword and shield.

On board a real Longship

From ‘Strandengen’ you can also get on board one of our large reconstructions of a Viking ship moored at a low wooden bridge, making it is easy to get on board.

The 30 meters long warship ‘The Sea Stallion from Glendalough’ is the world's longest reconstruction of a Viking ship with room for as many as 65 warriors. On board the ‘Sea Stallion’ you can meet our skilled historical guides, telling stories about Viking expeditions and life on board a Longship 1000 years ago.

Fight like a Viking

Next to the 'Sea Stallion' you will find a training camp for Viking warriors. Here, families can challenge each other in 'Viking games' - or fight with sword and shield in the battle arena, exactly like the Viking warriors did between the expeditions to stay fit for the next voyage or battle.

Meet the craftsmen

The skilled craftsmen are also located on the beach meadow in the large Viking tents. Meet the blacksmith, the rope maker or the weaver. Check the calendar to see which Viking craftsman you can meet on the day of your visit.

The Viking Ship Hall is the buzz of history

The Viking Ship Museum is built around the almost 1000-year-old Viking ships, which are exhibited in the large Viking Ship Hall with the fjord as a direct background – a most spectacular view.

Without ships - no Viking Age, and the ships are one of the most impressive testimonies we have today from the Viking Age - anywhere in the world!

Listen to the dramatized audio guide

Listen to the surprising stories about the importance of ships in the dramatic events of the Viking Age. The audio guide is available in several versions; one for adults and one for children as well as a real expert edition, where the museum's researchers provide insight to their very specialized knowledge.

Who can solve the MuseumMystery?

The MuseumMystery is a digital treasure hunt that takes you around the Viking ships in a fun, entertaining and surprising way.

The game is designed for children from 6 years and up (accompanied by adults).

Most of the game takes place with the eyes away from the smartphone, and you investigate, observe and find answers by interacting with the surroundings.

Climb Aboard

In the Viking Ship Hall, there is a very special room where you can climb aboard two recreated Viking ships. The walls are illuminated by interactive representations of the ocean - from calm winds to stormy gales - that make you want to go to sea. Lift the lids on the chests on board and find out what the Vikings brought on their voyages.

Shop Nordic

In the Museum shop you will find modern, Nordic ceramics and Scandinavian fashion brands together with beautiful jewelry, hand-forged axes, books and mead.

New Nordic Viking Food

When you need a break in between the activities and many experiences, you can taste New Nordic Viking Food in Café Knarr. The café is located in the middle of the Museum island, and you can sit outside or indoor. The café serves delicious food inspired by the Viking Age with a New Nordic twist.