'Build Boat' workshop for creative children and adults

Follow the boat builders' art! In the ‘Build Boat’ workshop, creative children and adults can test their boat building skills.

The 'Build Boat' workshop is located at the yard, so you can be inspired by the boat builders, while you design and build your own boat.

Through fun and games, the children learn what works when you have to design a boat so that it becomes a good sailor and does not capsize.

'Build Boat' is closed during the winter season - will open again on 1 May 2023.

Get tips and tricks - and learn something new

The museum's communicators help with tips and tricks, and by devising, trying and testing, the children get not only seaworthy ships, but also experience in the museum's way of working, where they experiment to new knowledge.

There is also a water basin - a 'test tank' - so you can try out your boat design and perhaps return to the construction process to refine the design.

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Model boats created by the imagination

The workshop invites you to play and experiment at the same time as you learn about ship construction and boat building.

The build-your-own boats are built from wood scraps, paper, string, etc., and in the workshop there are tips, tricks, ideas and inspiration for how you can best construct a boat, so that everyone - from approx. 8 years and up - can easily get started designing and building a seaworthy vessel.

When: The workshop is open 7 days a week open until and including the autumn holidays in week 42.
The activity is free when the entrance ticket for the museum is paid.