Who can solve the MuseumMystery?

MuseumMystery is a digital treasure hunt, which brings you around the Viking ships in a fun, entertaining and surprising way.

Master thief, Heidenreich, is on the loose at the Viking Ship Museum!
Can you solve the MuseumMystery and stop the thief?

The thief is the greedy and unscrupulous villain, Heidenreich, who loves rare, cultural treasures.

Heidenreich has dastardly plans for stealing something priceless from the Viking Ship Museum and we need your help to stop the robbery.

Solve riddles and stop the thief

Luckily, help is at hand in the form of the plucky girl, Astrid. She’s a very special – digital – girl, who is brave, energetic and loves being together with other children. She’s also an expert on Vikings!

Astrid has discovered that Heidenreich is planning on stealing an utterly priceless thing from the Museum. If you can solve the mystery, you can help Astrid find out what the thief is after.

You can only stop the theft if you can solve the thief’s tricky riddles. But don’t worry, Astrid will give you a hand.

The MuseumMystery will take you through the Viking Ship Hall and children and adults won’t only discover what it is that Heidenreich is planning to steal, they’ll also learn lots about the Vikings and their ships.

- so all you need to do is come to the Viking Ship Museum and start hunting the thief!

Digital game – mostly for children

The game is aimed for children from 6 years and up (in the company of an adult).

The majority of the game involves looking up from your smartphone and you will investigate, observe and find answers by interacting with your surroundings.

Play away on smartphones

You can play the MuseumMystery on your smartphone or tablet in the app ‘Useeum’, which you can download for free in the App Store or Google Play.

If you don’t have your own smartphone, Ipad or tablet, you can borrow one from the Museum.