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Free slots are now offered up

Published 03th May 2021

Nordic Conference for Maritime Archaeology IV: 3rd supplementary Call for Papers

As more of the originally…

New exhibition at the Viking Ship Museum tells the story of the battle, which Christian IV would rather have forgotten.Painting: Sjöhistoriska Museet in Stockholm

New exhibition brings 400-year-old naval battle to life

Published 29th Apr 2021

A cold October day in 1644, a dramatic naval battle is fought, which sends three warships to the bottom of the sea.…

The Viking Ship Museum is open again

Published 20th Apr 2021

We’ve prepared an exciting season with new activities under Corona-safe conditions.

New dates for the Nordic Conference for Maritime Archaeology IV

Published 08th Oct 2020

As everyone will know, it is not possible to see the end of the corona pandemic in the foreseeable future. However,…

Skuldelev 3 Revisited - a new Viking ship is being built at the Viking Ship Museum's boatyard. Construction will be completed in September / October 2021.

Iron in the Viking ships - rivets and roves

Published 29th Sep 2020

The Vikings used iron rivets and roves when they build their ships. But in the construction of the Skuldelev 3…

Read more about the discovery of a Danish warship that has been missing for almost 400 years.

Published 18th Sep 2020

Marine archaeologists from the Viking Ship Museum examine the last of the sunken warships from the Battle of the…

The Gislinge-boat sent for filming in Ireland

Published 26th Aug 2020

One of the Viking Ship Museum's reconstructions - the Gislinge-boat Langø, was sent to Ireland on Monday. There it…

[Translate to english:] Byt entrébilletten til et sæsonpas – Ved køb af billet indtil den 31. august 2020, får du et sæsonpas på hånden og fri entré til Vikingeskibsmuseet på alle åbningsdage i resten af 2020.

Season Pass for the Viking Ship Museum

Published 10th Aug 2020

Buy your ticket before 31 August 2020 and get unlimited access to the Viking Ship Museum for the rest of the year.

Not so long ago, an empty museum was something that existed in quiet mornings, before opening, or in the late afternoon when the last guest said 'thank you for today'. The fact that the Viking Ship Museum had visitors 365 days a year was almost a natural law. Now empty museum rooms have been a tangible part of our everyday lives for almost three months, and the museum can hardly wait to open its doors to the guests again on June 8. Photo: Werner Karrasch

The Viking Ship Museum reopens to the public on June 8th

Published 27th May 2020

After almost three months without guests, the Viking Ship Museum can hardly wait to open its doors to the public on…

Alternative launch of the Sea Stallion from Glendalough

Published 21th Apr 2020

During this time of corona-virus, nothing is as usual - nor is the spring launch of the Viking Ship Museum's…

Conference postponed until further notice!

Published 09th Apr 2020

Due to the current pandemic, the Viking Ship Museum has been forced to postpone the conference until further…

Armed with spears and shields, the trial participants leave the ship by jumping over thegunwale in the forebody of the ship and then run ashore – Fotos: Catherina Sahl.

Knowledge: Viking-Age seaborne military operations

Published 30th Mar 2020

Seaborne military operations were a trademark of Scandinavian Viking warriors. These operations were characterized…

Information regarding COVID-19

Published 17th Mar 2020

At the time of writing, the conference is not affected by injunctions or prohibitions from Danish authorities.…

The programme is ready – registration is open!

Published 15th Jan 2020

We are pleased to announce that the program for NKM IV is finalised (subject to change). Look forward to two-three…

Special exhibition: In the Wake of the Vikings

Published 14th Jun 2020

The special exhibition In the Wake of the Vikings is the story about how the five Skuldelev ships have shaped the…

Submission form error and deadline extension

Published 09th Dec 2019

We are sorry to inform you that there has been yet another error in the form for submission of conference…


Error in submission form

Published 11th Sep 2019

Unfortunately, we have been notified that the form you used to submit your contribution is not working correctly.

The Viking ships have made their mark in the Nordic, maritime culture. Today's Nordic, wooden boats are still being built based on the same tradition as in the Viking Age.

UNESCO ICH Nordic clinker boat nomination

Published 02th Jul 2019

Nomination for the inscription of Nordic Clinker Boat Traditions on UNESCOS Representative List of the Intangible…

In 2016, the Viking ship 'Skjoldungen' conducted an experimental journey along the west coast of Greenland. This year's experimental journey is about 775 nautical miles, from the Sognefjord area in Norway to Roskilde in Denmark. Photo: John Rasmussen

775 nautical miles for the Nordic clinker-building tradition

Published 08th Jul 2019

This summer, Skjoldungen, the Viking Ship Museum’s reconstruction of the smallest of the Viking ships found at…

From 2007 – 2008, Sea Stallion undertook a trial voyage from Roskilde to Dublin and back again. 2,482 sea miles were sailed along Viking Age sailing routes with the aim of testing the reconstruction.

Sea Stallion begins to show its age

Published 01th Jul 2019

15 years doesn’t sound like much of an age but for a Viking ship, which has sailed thousands of sea miles, it’s…

Midsummer greetings! 

Published 26th Jun 2019

Even though it may seem a long time until the Nordic Conference for Maritime Archaeology IV in May 2020, we would…

Reconstructing a medieval wooden boat in a digital age

Published 20th Sep 2016

By uniting traditional boatbuilding and open source digital media, the Gislinge Boat Open Source Project has…

Trial voyage to shed new light on Viking life in Greenland

Published 28th Jun 2016

This summer, a unique voyage will shed new light on pivotal questions concerning the Scandinavians who, 1,000 years…

Rare underwater find of Mesolithic settlement

Published 06th Oct 2015

Maritime archaeologists from the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde have found an 8,000 year old settlement under 5m of…

Maritime archaeologist, Matko Cvrljak, working on the excavation of the medieval ship from Kalverev. Before the archaeologists could begin to get an idea of the extent of the wreck, they first had to remove 1.4m of sand and silt. Photo: Nilas H. Møller

The Viking Ship Museum recovers a medieval ship in Storstrømmen

Published 27th Sep 2016

The rare find will provide the archaeologists with new knowledge concerning the development of the Nordic ship,…

The Friends of the Viking Ship Museum have donated 250,000 DKK, setting the course towards the world’s longest Viking ship.

Published 12th Sep 2018

The Friends of the Viking Ship Museum have donated a quarter of a million kroner to finance the first steps towards…

Viking Ship Museum receives support for ‘The clinker-built, open boat’ project

Published 20th Nov 2018

Nordea-fonden has given 1 million kroner to a two-year project intended to increase interest in traditional working…

The Friends of the Viking Ship Museum have donated 250,000 DKK, setting the course towards the world’s longest Viking ship. (kopi 1)

Published 07th Mar 2019

The Friends of the Viking Ship Museum have donated a quarter of a million kroner to finance the first steps towards…