Ladby Viking Museum

Ladby’s Viking Museum displays Denmark’s only known Viking ship-grave. Here you can see the place where the king of Ladby was laid to rest along with fine grave goods around 1100 years ago. The exhibition displays many finds from the tomb. In the summer season, a replica of the ship is anchored out on the fjord, so you can see for yourself how big a ship this Viking king owned and was later buried in. During the summer, there’s an ongoing presentation of craft traditions, maintenance and sailing of the reconstructed ship. You can also join a guided tour; shoot a bow and arrow, and much more. The burial mound As your eyes become accustomed to the darkness, the contours of the ship with its 2,000 iron nails, the sacrificed horses and, not least, the strikingly well-preserved ship’s anchor slowly emerge to full view. The burial mound over the ship has now been rebuilt and, when you enter, you step back 1,100 years in time. Around the year 925, a Viking king was buried here in his ship with horses, dogs and precious grave goods. The ship is 22m long and 3m wide and a dragon’s head once glowered from the prow; only its twirled mane of iron spirals has survived. The grave is 100m from the Kerteminde Fjord shoreline.  Using the app Vikingekongens grav you can experience a fully restored ship whilst inside the mound as you set off on your own interactive voyage of discovery. A dramatic insight into the king of Ladby’s fascinating world and his final journey to the Realm of the Dead. The app is for both iPhone and tablet and available from AppStore/Google Play. Tablets are also available at the museum.  It’s a walk of about 300 metres from the parking lot to the mound. If required, tiny tots can travel in their very own Viking Wagon that makes the trip an experience in itself. The ship In the summer of 2011, the museum began a joint venture with a professional boat builder and 30 volunteer iron workers and carpenters with the aim of building a replica of the Ladby Ship. An exact likeness of the ship has now been completed and, during the summer season, it can be viewed at the wharf; just a stone’s throw from the mound.  From here, you also get a great idea of the special Viking Age landscape that surrounds Kerteminde Fjord and its lower channel – Kertinge Nor. The museum The ship-grave’s many splendid and unique items are exhibited in the museum building, 300 meters from the burial mound. In the basement, there’s a 1:1 reconstruction of the ship. In it lies the dead king on his couch with all his equipment. Ladby also stages various special exhibitions based on the fascinating world encompassed by the Viking Age.