Blisters and Norwegian prices

Published 26th Jul 2019

Skjoldungen is still in Risør. We do not yet know if they can sail on today or whether they have to stay another day. But one thing is certain: the crew are eager to get a move on.

Last night crew member Signe Skou wrote us a story about life on Skjoldungen... and Risør. 

There were two things I had to get used to when I boarded Skjoldungen. The first was rowing, which resulted in my academic hands getting blisters. And even blisters on the blisters the next day. The other thing is the Norwegian prices. When the wind is blowing in the wrong direction, both become a problem. We tried yesterday to row out from Risør, but despite our best efforts, we had both the current and wind against us, we had to return to the harbor, and this is how the Norwegian prices start to become a problem. So now on the third day in Risør I hope the wind will turn soon, because my blisters are healed and my bank account is almost empty, so I'm ready to move on.

Created by Sabine Stubbe Østergaard