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Extract from logbook 18 July 2008

Published 18th Jul 2008

Lowestoft harbour

9.00 Breakfast
9.45 Skipper’s briefing:

We will remain in Lowestoft today and tomorrow. 16 crew sign off tomorrow, Saturday, and 16 new join. The weather forecast will decide when we sail from here across the North Sea.

The day’s tasks:
The ship must be cleaned above and below the decking planks. All equipment must be taken out of the ship and must be cleaned and hosed down.
The galley must be made orderly and repacked.
The water cans must be emptied and cleaned.

When everything is ready, the crew can spend the rest of the day for their own purposes.

The foreship has the anchor watch.

18.00 Evening meal

Created by Vibeke Bischoff