The Viking Ship Hall

The Viking Ship Hall is beautifully placed on Roskilde Habour.A giant window and sweeping views over the fjord creates a background, that are connecting the ships to the water, once again. 

The experience is undisturbed and gives room for immersion and fantasy.

The permanent exhibition consist the five Skuldelev ships, and tells the history of the ships as well as the history of the Nordic maritime adventure during the Viking Age.

The Viking Ship Hall, designed by Professor Erik Christian Sørensen, is beautifully located on to Roskilde Fjord. The building was built to house the Viking ships found in Roskilde Fjord and was listed in 1997.

Introduction film about the Viking ships

Start you visit by watching the introduction film ”Five Viking Ships from Skuldelev”. 

The film lasts 14 minutes and is available in English, Danish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Chinese and Russian. There are no fixed showing times, but the film is run on request. Please contact the museum staff at the entrance if you wish to watch the film.

Film showings in connection with group visits can be arranged by calling our booking service.