Research at the Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum is a cross-disciplinary environment in which craftsmen, academics and seamen work together in order to discover more about maritime cultural heritage. The methodological approaches from both experimental and maritime archaeology are central to the museums research.         

The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde holds the responsibility to safeguard all archaeological artefacts in the Danish territorial waters east of the Great Belt (Storebælt). The Museum’s research is focused on the archaeological material found within the area of responsibility, especially in regard to the study of the Viking Age, and ships, seafaring and boatbuilding culture in general.    

The research results contribute to both national and international maritime research and the results are relevant for researcher studying cultural history in general. 

The research, both basic and applied, utilises the Viking Ship Museum’s collection, and the research results are disseminated through publications, exhibitions, the Viking Ship Museum’s website and other platforms for communication.