A night at Lynæs

Photo: Martin Kjær
Published 23th Jul 2013

Departure Roskilde 21. July 11.00

Arrival Orø 22. July 19.30

Darkness settles at Orø. Behind the Sailing Club a band is called for singing and dancing. On the Sea Stallion the anchor watch is boiling water for the midship night watch.

We arrived tonight and was welcomed by islanders and summer tourist. Now we look forward to a good and long night sleep, before opening the ship for guests tomorrow. And it is much needed!

When sailing from Roskilde we tacked out of the inner part of the fjord in a weak wind. After Skuldelev we had to take the sail down and crab the oars. Six hours of rowing, taking turns every half hour before anchoring at Lynæs 00.30. Wool blanckets, sleeping bags and mats were layed out on deck and oars and we went to be for the night. Most o

Most of th crew could easily have slept longer, but the warm sun rays chased us out the sleeping bags at 07.00 - and after the morning porridge we set sail for Orø.

Sailing was without drama and several times below 1 knot and cathing bakwind. But during the afternoon the wind increased and gave us an oppotunity to practice man overboard, before going swimming. 

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