Travel blog from the Sea Stallion

The travel blog will take you onboard the Sea Stallion for the anniversary voyage. The weblog is written by Museum curator Louise K. Henriksen. You are welcome to post a comment or question. 

Life onboard the Sea Stallion by Museum curator Louise K. Henriksen. A blog from the ship about the small and big experinces when sailing trough the waters of Denmark and Northern Germany. Follow life on board an open ship, cpmplete with blisters and seasickness, tar and rope, the art of cooking in rough seas, stays in harbours, etc. 

Sleepyness in Odden

Departure Orø 24. July at 110.00 - arrival Rørvig at 19.00

Departure Rørvig 25. July at 11.00 - arrival at Odden…

A night at Lynæs

Departure Roskilde 21. July 11.00

Arrival Orø 22. July 19.30

Silence before storm

The last bit of sun is casting its rays on the Viking Ship Museum harbour. The neighboring ship is tying up…