Full-day courses 'Learn to sail a Viking ship' in 2018

Course in sailing Viking ships

Great sailing experiences awaits you on the full-day courses 'Learn to sail Viking' in the Viking ships 'Helge Ask' and 'Kraka Fyr'. The Viking Ship Museum offers full-day courses for those who wish to learn how to sail a Viking ship. This will be the real deal when the participants go aboard the Viking ships 'Helge Ask' or 'Kraka Fyr' to learn about square sails, tack, bowlines and all the other concepts associated with the Viking ship.

The ships

Helge Ask is a reconstruction of the small Viking warship, Skuldelev 5, and was built by the museum in 1990-91 of oak, pine and ash.
Kraka Fyr is a reconstruction of Skuldelev 6, a fishing and cargo vessel from the Viking Age, and was built at the Viking Ship Museum boatyard in 1998.
Both ships were constructed using the very same methods, materials and tools used by the Viking boat-builders and the ships are about as close as it is possible to get to the original Viking ships.

Course contents

The course will provide the participants with a thorough introduction to sailing with square sails, which is very different from sailing on modern sailing boats. In contrast to Bermuda sails and gaff sails, the square sail is placed in front of the mast, and it often requires some getting used to for sailors with experience from the more modern types of rigging.

The Viking ship’s special design will also be reviewed during the course, and the ship’s cordage will be introduced. The entire course will be based on practical exercises on Roskilde Fjord and before leaving the museum harbour, the participants will be provided with a brief introduction to safety precautions and life vests will be distributed. 

A full day of course in sailing Viking ships offers new experiences for both the novice sailor and he who seeks new challenges.

Helge Ask has room for 16 participants and there will be 4 crew members on board.
Kraka Fyr has room for 10 participants and there will be two crew members on board.


There are no more courses in 2018, but we will return with new courses in 2019. 

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