Boats for sale

The Viking Ship Museum offers its services to both public and private customers. Contact us for:

  • Repair, restoration and boat building after ordering
  • Manufacture and repair of sails
  • Manufacture and sale of ropes
  • Preparation of drawings and models.

Do you dream of owning a wooden boat of Scandinavian design, with a high standard of craftsmanship and an historical background? The Viking Ship Museum’s boatyard produces and sells traditional wooden boats and Viking ships.

Private individuals who are interested in having a new wooden boat built can contact the boatyard for information about prices etc. The Viking Ship Museum’s boatyard also undertakes building and restoration assignments with clinker-built boats for other museums and organisations.

The Viking Ship Museum’s boatyard
Vindeboder 12
DK-4000 Roskilde
Phone: +45 46 300 293 / +45 46 300 260
e-mail: sn(at)