Guided tours

The Viking Ship Museum offers guided tours in Danish, English and Russian. The tours take place within the Museum’s opening hours and are conducted by the Museum’s guides, who are either archaeology or history students.

Covid-19: Max: 15 people per guide.This number depends on the covid-19 guidelines and may change. When booking several guides for larger groups, the tours must begin in intervals of at least 30 minutes. This is due to space requirements.

The five Viking ships

The five impressive Viking ships are the focal point for the story about the ships’ significance for Viking Age society, about war and raids, trading and voyages and about life in the North 1,000 years ago. 

Price: 1,000 DKK per group + admission charge per participant
Duration: 1 hour
A glass of mead/apple juice after the tour: 30 DKK per person
Tours in Russian will have an additional charge of 400 DKK.

The reconstructed ships

This tour takes place both in and out of doors. We start with the five original Viking ships and tell the story of how it was possible to reconstruct the 1,000-year-old ships as sailing examples of fantastic Viking Age craftsmanship. You get an insight into how we work when building reconstructed Viking ships – tools, materials and techniques.

Price: 1,350 DKK per group + admission charge per participant
Duration: 1½ hours
A glass of mead/apple juice after the tour: 30 DKK per person

Taste the Viking Age

Do you dare to taste the Viking Age? What did they eat on board during their long sea voyages? That’s a question we are often asked. Here, we will tell about life at sea and give samples of food such as dried meat, nuts, dried fruits and bread. Includes a glass of mead and apple juice.

Price: 1500 DKK + admission charge per participant for the first 15 participants. After the 15th participant there will be a further charge of 100 DKK on top of the admission charge.
Duration: ca. 30 minutes
Attention: The Viking Ship Museum is only allowed to serve mead to particpants of the age of 18 or above. Participants under the age of 18 will be served apple juice instead. 

Guided tours outside of opening hours

Having the ships, the hall and the view all to yourselves is an indescribable experience that creates a special atmosphere. If you want your guided tour to be something really special, you can book a tour after closing time and add an extra dimension to your visit. 

Price per hour: 1400 DKK per group, in addition to the price for the tour.

Specialist tours

If you wish to have a special tour, where you can have an influence on the content, it’s possible to book a specialist tour on a specific subject for a specific group, with a museum curator or boatbuilder.

Price per hour:  3,500 DKK per group + admission charge per participant
Duration: 1-2 hours

Meet our craft specialists

See the blacksmith hit the nail on the head, watch the ropemaker make rope or see the weaver making sailcloth. They are all highly-specialised experts and can tell a story you won’t find other places. You take part in the process, get your hands on the materials and smell all the scents.

Price: 4,500 DKK per group/per craft specialist + admission charge per participant.
Duration: 1½ hours

Introduction film 

The Viking Ship Museum’s introduction film provides good background information for your visit and can be seen in Danish, English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish and Italian. A good choice in connection with a guided tour. There is room for 70 visitors in the cinema.

Price: Free of charge
Duration: 15 minutes

Viking Games

During the summer season (May-September) your group can compete against each other in Viking games on the lawn in front of the Ship Hall. 

Price: 1900 DKK per group + admission charge per participant
Duration: 1 hour


We can arrange tailor-made team-building events, on land or at sea, all year round. Café Knarr serves New Nordic Viking Food and you can also hire rooms for meetings. 

Contact the Museum’s Booking Office to hear more about the many possibilities and design an exciting programme for your visit.