Borgø og Hejrede Ramparts

Hejrede ramparts are in mid-Lolland, right between the Maribo Lakes, and for Lolland people had the same significance as the Falster defence works for its people (> 82) – a defensive structure built in the Iron Age, but in use up to the Middle Ages. The defence works had ramparts of 1.5 -3.5m height and 8-9m width and a roughly 9m wide moat which was 1.75m deep. The fortification consisted of two embankments 3.5km apart – one was 1.3km long and the other 300m long, and together they cover an area of 5 km2. The best place to take in the ramparts is at the preserved section going from Hejrede Lake to Kårup Vænger.  Viking Age, and early medieval, artefacts have been found on Borgø – the biggest of the islands in the Maribo Lakes.