Follow the Sea Stallion on the summer voyage 2015.
On this page you can read the reportings ship's crew sent home to the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde.

The ship sailed from Roskilde July 4th and is expected back on July 18, depending on the weather.

The most recent logbook notes are at the top.

Travel blogs from the Sea Stallion

Changing crew in Varberg

The Sea Stallion has now reached Varberg on the swedish west coast. It is changeover day and there is a bit of a…

Repair day in Hou

Thursday was a windy day and the Sea Stallion stayed in Hou and spent the day repairing the rudder and antenna.

Danish television TV2 Nord came aboard - watch the broadcast

At the entry to Hou harbour the Sea Stallion got visitors. Channel TV2 Nord came aboard and made interviews with…

The ship went to Hou - not Hals

After an hour of anchoring outside Hals captain Søren decided to enter into Hou harbour instead, and the ship was…

Still problems with the rudder

Problems with the rudder forces the Sea Stallion to seek port in Hals in stead of Sæby. Drop by and say hello!

The rudder withy broke... and got fixed

The rudder withy broke and the ship thus lost its ability to steer. Luckily the Sea Stallion holds such a good…

Heading north - the ship is sailing perfectly

The Sea Stallion has left Bønnerup where the crew was greeted with great warmth and hospitality. Today the ship…

A fabulous day... and a bit of sea sickness

The ship sailed 50 nautical miles today and would have loved to go even further but with thunderstorms coming up…

Finally on our way

Everybody is happy despite the early rise at 04:30 :-)