Summer adventures in historic wooden boats

Would you like to take a Viking ship course, become part of a strong community and go on a summer adventure in historic wooden boats? 

The Viking Ship Museum has a large collection of reconstructions of Viking ships and traditional, historic wooden boats - including the three ships going on the expedition.
They are maintained and sailed by volunteers from the museum's boat guild.

You can read more about the boat guilds here.

Follow the ships' summer voyages

Every summer, several of the museum's reconstructions embark on either shorter voyages in Danish waters or longer voyages over larger stretches of sea.

This summer you can be lucky enough to meet three of the Viking Ship Museum's ships in Danish and German waters and harbours

Skjoldungen heads to Hedeby and Swinoujscie if the weather and wind conditions are optimal.

Skjoldungen's summer voyage

Skjoldungen heads to the Viking trading town of Hedeby and Swinoujscie in Poland if the weather and wind conditions are optimal. 

The Viking ship Ottar heads out into the blue and visits several Danish coasts

Ottar's summer voyage

This year, Ottar is sailing on an expedition to train sailing outside the fjord and therefore sails wherever the wind goes.

The Viking ship Helge Ask embarks on a summer voyage in the Danish waters. Helge Ask visits the 'Smålandsfarvandet' this year

Helge Ask's summer voyage

Helge Ask will also stay in Danish waters and plans to sail around Zealand, with a special focus on the 'Smålandsfarvandet'.