Sailing a Viking ship

Get the ultimate sailing experience on board a reconstructed Viking ship on the beautiful Roskilde Fjord.

The Viking Ship Museum offers exclusive sailing trips, where everyone actively participates. The ships have no motor, so you must work together to row and sail the beautiful ship, under the watchful eye of experienced Viking ship sailors and instructors.

The exclusive sailing trips are designed to meet your needs, from 1 May to 30 September. We deliver a complete package with delicious, Viking-inspired food to eat on land, or a picnic to take with you on board, and can arrange whole-day events with team building, museum activities or lectures.

At the Viking Ship Museum, you can experience how it was to be on board a Viking ship, and have an unforgettable experience. The Viking ships are built at the Museum’s boatyard in line with Viking Age boatbuilding traditions, and using copies of their tools. The original ships can be seen in the Viking Ship Hall.

A fleet of Viking Ships

Based on the size of your group, the Viking Ship Museum will put together your own Viking ship fleet.

• Price per person:
Price from 1 May - 30 June
535 DKK for 1 hour and 50 min. + 125 DKK per additional hour (minimum 8 paying adults). 

Price from 1 July - 30 September
565 DKK for 1 hour and 50 min. + 125 DKK per additional hour (minimum 8 paying adults). 

During the Museum’s normal opening hours (10:00 – 17:00), the price of a group sailing also includes admission to the Viking Ship Hall, either before or after the trip.

• Limited number of places for children: Children must be at least 4 years old to participate. Price per child is 420 DKK + 125 DKK per additional hour.
The Viking Ship Museum’s School Service also organises sailing trips for schools and other children’s organisations.

Sailing in a genuine longship?

Do you wish to sail a longship? If you really want something special, you can sail out in one of Denmark’s most beautiful Viking ships.

Helge Ask is a small warship, painted in vivid red and yellow ochre colours with a dragonhead and an impressive sail. You must work together to man the many oars and help with the sail and ropes – perhaps one of you will also get the chance to man the rudder. A world-class experience.

Price of a two-hour sailing trip:

Monday - Friday:
12,000 DKK for up to 20 participants
+ fee per additional hour: 2,500 DKK

12,000 DKK for up to 20 participants
+ fee per additional hour: From 2,700 DKK

About the sailing trip:
Sailing trips last ca. 1 hour and 50 min, including allocation of life jackets and instruction.

Participants are the crew on board the ship and everyone must actively participate in rowing and setting sail.
All boats are under the command of an experienced sailing instructor, and occasionally a number of assistants, depending on the size of the boat. Life jackets must be worn at all times during the trip.

Eat lunch by the water’s edge. Enjoy dinner before you sail home under the sunset.
It’s possible to arrange a longer trip on the Fjord, where the group goes on land and eats lunch, drinks coffee or perhaps even has dinner, before sailing back to the Museum harbour.

Café Knarr provide exciting picnic hampers based on the New Nordic Viking Food concept, where each dish is prepared using ingredients known from the Viking Age, and which can inform us about Viking history.

The sailing route of the trip is entirely dependent on weather, wind and the crew. Always bring suitably warm and waterproof clothing. Remember that it always colder on water than on land.

The trip can be booked by contacting the Viking Ship Museum’s Booking Office, who are happy to answer all questions and to help you arrange your Viking experience on the water.