Covid-19 information in connection with boat trips:

In order to take good care of our guests, we provide good space in the boats. There will be a 2 meters distance between the participants and therefore there will only be space for 9 people in each boat.

If you visit the museum in a group of close acquaintanceses or family, where you do not normally keep distance between you, you can be up to 15 people in a boat.

Oars, rails, seats, life jackets, etc. are washed off between each sailing, and a distance of 2 meters is kept between everyone on board during the entire sailing trip. Unfortunately this means that our employees cannot offer physical assistance with boarding, rowing, etc., and we do not have the opportunity to set sail.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer special conditions for people with disabilities: You have to be able to row yourself, and because of the distance requirement, our staff is unable to help guests boarding the boat.

Group sailing trips on Roskilde Fjord

Experience how it was to be on board a Viking Ship. The Viking Ship Museum offers exclusive sailing trips for companies, associations and other groups from May 1st. to September 30th.

Guests sail in the Viking Ship Museum’s traditional Nordic boats or reconstructed Viking Ships, where oars and sail are the only means of propulsion. You come close to the water, close to the Viking Age and create memories that last!

It is easy to see that the traditional Nordic boats are closely related to Viking ships. The largest, with room for 6 to 12 guests, has a square sail like a Viking ship. The smaller boats, with room for 8 guests, have traditional Faroese sails.

Price per person: 365 DKK for 1 hour and 50 min. 75 DKK per additional hour. Admission to the Exhibition Hall during the Museum's ordinary opening hours (10.00 - 17.00) is included for the group when booking a sailing trip. 

Number of participants: From 4 adults (with a charge for a minimum of 8 people) to over 100.

Limited number of places for children: Children must be at least 4 years old to participate. Price per child is 250 DKK + 75 DKK per additional hour.
The Viking Ship Museum’s School Service also organises sailing trips for schools and other children’s organisations.

Group sailing trips in Viking ships

The Vikings ships are built at the Museum’s own boatyard, in line with Viking boatbuilding traditions and using copies of their tools. It is possible to sail with the warship, ‘Helge Ask’, the trading ship, ‘Roar Ege’ and the fishing boat, ‘Kraka Fyr’. The original ships can be seen in the Viking Ship Hall.

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About the trips
A group boat trip takes 1 hour and 50 minutes, including instruction in rowing and allocation of life jackets. An experienced sailing instructor leads every sailing trip. Guests are the crew onboard and play an active part in rowing and setting the sail.
The life jacket must be worn during the entire boat trip.

Eat lunch by the water’s edge
It is possible to book extended trips on the fjord, where groups can go ashore to eat lunch or drink coffee. Café Knarr provide exciting picnic hampers with food based on the New Nordic Viking Food concept, where the individual dishes are prepared using ingredients known from the Viking Age and which tell a story about the Viking Age.  

The route taken on the trip is determined by the wind, the weather and the ability of the crew. Always bring suitably warm and waterproof clothing. Remember that it is always colder at sea than on land, especially in windy weather.  


To book a trip, please contact the Viking Ship Museum Booking Service, who will be happy to help arrange an experience on the water.

» Booking (e-mail)
Tel:+45 46 300 253,
weekdays 10.00-15.00

Due to COVID-19, the Viking Ship Museum has had to send most of its employees home. You are still very welcome to contact us, but we can only respond to inquiries on Mondays.