Cultural History of Ireland

Great Irish literature, poetry, modern novels and music is representing Irish Culture in the Time Capsule.

Jonathan Swift was Dean of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin in the 19th century. His world famous book 'Gulliver's Travels' is still today causing controversy amongst modern critics. The main disputes - the ultimate meaning of his writing, the facts of his life, and their relationship - have continued unabated for more than 250 years. Jonathan Swift himself wrote: "My principal Design was to Inform, and not to amuse thee". The copy placed in the Time Capsule is signed by the current Dean of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Robert MacCarthy.

In 2008 the Irish made low-budget film 'Once' earned an Oscar for best original song. A CD of the film soundtrack is representing Irish film. Danish reviewer Kim Skotte wrote: "A musical declaration of love to music as the only true social bond working".

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