Ireland now

Items included in the Ireland Now theme will attract attention to one very short period in Ireland. The theme includes newspapers, publications and a treasure trove of artefacts that have very little monetary value but as time elapses and memory recedes will become of increasing interest.

'The Irish Times' is the principal newspaper of record in Ireland and does in depth coverage and analysis of events in Ireland, in politics, in the arts, in sport and in business. Both "The Irish Times" and 'The Irish Examiner' from one day in May 2008 is included in the Time Capsule.

A mobile phone is included as almost everyone has one and rarely turns them off or leaves them far from their side. Twenty years ago hardly anybody had mobile phones in Ireland. Now they are indispensable and ubiquitous.

The book the 'Irish Kitchen' is a cook book of Irish recipes. Future archaeologists will only have to flick through it to know what Irish people of 2008 were eating. 

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