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The Viking Ship Museum Press team publishes press releases about the Viking Ship Museum's research, archaeological work and other activities.

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Gratis undervisning til Københavnske folkeskoler i skoleåret 2019/2020

I samarbejde med Skoletjenesten tilbyder Vikingeskibsmuseet gratis undervisning fra 0-9 klassetrin til alle…

Færøbåd bevarer det uhåndgribelige

Hvordan overleveres viden, der ikke er skrevet ned, og som alene kan læres ved at gøre? En helt nybygget færøbåd er…

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Read all news about the Viking Ship Museum's activities, research and archaeological work.
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Watch film from the Viking Ship Museum and get an impression of the activities that take place here.

Unless otherwise stated, the clips have been filmed and edited by the Viking Ship Museum's photographer, Werner Karrasch.

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The Viking Ship Museum also has associated professional sailors who like to tell about the use of the boats.

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